The Greed of Bankers And Corporations

Many wise people fear that the human mind is a universal code held in their safes by the greediest of people, all kinds of worldwide political castes – bigger and lesser emperors – bankers and corporations. Whom does it suit to have people who are not free individuals, and do not have sane minds and pure hearts? Well, those who are slaves to greed! Sadly, the world’s biggest media, the biggest publishers, are increasingly becoming a might weapon in the hands of shadow rulers, those who want to rule people. While watching ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’, we can identify with the plot and the characters, because just like human kindness, greed is eternal.

Some might say that bankers are gamblers. I know I did so on occasion, but life teaches us that this analogy is wrong. Why? Because I actually respect professional gamblers who put their own money on stake. Wall Street bankers, on the other hand, gamble away their clients’ money. They don’t stand to loose anything of their own, thus they are not gamblers. If we take a look at legendary gambler Doyle Brunson and a bank manager, what we see is two different worlds. Doyle Brunson earned every last cent he has gambling with his own money, and when his chips tower higher and higher, it’s not due to robbing the poor of their money, but because he is doing his job better than other professional gamblers. What about bankers? They enrich themselves on the backs of the poor, and even when they lose money, they never become poor. Why? Because the tax payers are the ones to pay back their debts, which is always backed by the story that the bankruptcy of major banks would account for an even worse recession in the U.S.A. and the world. So, the citizens can and must file for bankruptcy, but the same rule does not apply to banks, which are clearly double standards, which is pernicious for any free market.

If we know that corruption is the malignant tumor of every society, we should ask ourselves why is it that banks and corporations profit the most from societies infected by corruption? Many underdeveloped countries are infected by corruption, through dictatorships of political castes, thus losing billions of dollars, but little is it known that there are increasing amounts of money flowing from underdeveloped countries into banks and corporations of the developed world. According to data published by the World Bank, corruption that takes forms of bribery and stealing on behalf of state officials account for losses of between 34 and 56 billion dollars per year in underdeveloped countries. This accounts for a mere 5% of the total amount of money disappearing from public funds. On the other hand, multinational companies steal more than 980 billion dollars a year from underdeveloped countries through tax evasion. Still, this is not covered by the official definition of corruption. This huge outflow is facilitated by suspicious financial system in underdeveloped countries riddled by corruption, as well as by the creation of tax oases into which money from underdeveloped and corrupt countries is transferred. In such tax oases, companies exist only fictively, which is also the case for anonymous accounts and false foundations.

The world’s biggest banks became so powerful as to be able to control the systems of most of the world’s countries, which is particularly the case for underdeveloped countries. Over the last few years, they managed to achieve deregulation in many parliaments around the world through their powerful lobbies, which led to an increase of monetary flux through banking systems that are beyond control. Journalists have discovered that the world’s biggest banks make hundreds of billions of dollars by laundering the dirty money of drug cartels, and all kinds of dictators and corrupt politicians.

If we know that the MMF’s shadow master is a consortium of the biggest banks and corporations, who manage to squeeze money out of underdeveloped countries in a suspicious manner, it is no wonder to see that an MMF representative claimed that the corrupt Croatian government has done a good job by introducing pre-bankruptcy settlements, even if any beginner in economy knows that this very “law” makes corruption bloom in Croatia. It should be said that small and beautiful Croatia is blessed by nature. It is a country of a thousand islands surrounded by a clear azure sea. At the heart of Croatia, there is Gorski Kotar, a forested mountainous area with the cleanest freshwater in the world). There are endless fertile plains in the eastern part of the country, but despite all these nature’s blessings, people going through garbage bins are becoming a common sight in the cities, which is a major defeat for all those politicians that gained the people’s vote at the last elections. The Croatian political caste have closed their eyes instead of fighting corruption. When they vote for new laws, they do it for the good of their tycoon pals, and not for the greater good. What is the MMF doing about it?

I wonder whether the MMF has the power and honor to look at the man in the mirror. And so, the MMF is praising the corrupt Croatian caste when they decrease the social rights of the already poor citizens, when they decrease the already low hourly wage, and when they take away all the basic workers’ rights, and we know that there is no spending without reasonable wages. If there is spending, then there is also production, and how is there supposed to be spending if there is no one to spend? Without jobs, there is no spending, and so it goes on in a circle. Furthermore, the MMF has only praise for this spectacular robbery in Croatia, called pre-bankruptcy settlements. Yes, you might not believe it, but the MMF delegate has praised the government of the Republic of Croatia for that law, claiming that pre-bankruptcy settlements are a great idea!!! Kolakusic, a famous crime fighter and a judge at the commercial court, said that this is ‘a particularly cunning law that reads like a manual on how to abuse it’. In the honorable judge’s own words: “I have noticed that this is a particularly cunning law, which facilitates countless abuses. There are three statewide subjects simultaneously participating in it: the Financial Department, the commercial courts and the administrative courts, and neither is responsible for anything. Such a law, such cunning… I simply couldn’t believe that something like this is possible.”

So, this “law” has nothing in common with the free market and healthy laws. Its purposes is to pillage taxpayers. Where are the spoils going to? To the banks! They are not interested in the fact that the state might go bankrupt tomorrow, and that the people will bleed in the street in pursuit of one revolution or the other, because both the banks and the political elite will take their loot and look for a new country and new victims. This inhumane and anti-commercial law rewards ignorance, irresponsibility, laziness, embezzlement, pillaging, corruption… and it punishes honesty, diligence and creativity. To put it simply, crooks are forgiven hundreds of millions in tax debt, while honest entrepreneurs have their small family businesses shut down for a few more undeclared kuna found in their counters.

One doesn’t need to be a financial genius to understand that a crook who gained the ownership of a factory by cheating can never create new jobs; all he will do is destroy the factories and the existing jobs, and this is how we reach local and global economic crises. So, how can the MMF claim to adhere to the rules of the free market? In a genuinely free market, there is no protectionism on behalf of the government (l’etat c’est moi). It is left to the free market. So, if a company doesn’t make profit, it must file for bankruptcy, and then a new company will rise from its ashes, with a new brand, and new creative people and visions, who will make profit and create new jobs. Freedom is in the genes of every human being, and this is also true for the economy, lest we forget that people deal with economy since their moment of birth.

People dispiritedly say that profit became the epicenter of life. I will never stop believing that people are the epicenter of life. Compassion, kindness, love and faith, those noble values eternally hover above humans like a sacred aureola and an everlasting guardian of the spirit. Yes, we can create a better profit-making system, but it’s all for naught if we disregard people. Some scientists, politicians and businessmen would say that the more people control their emotions, the wealthier and more intelligent they become. My message to them is: The moment you become the master of your emotions, know that you have lost them for good. They don’t say for nothing that one should listen to their hearts and souls when faced with a horrible dilemma. “Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.” (Francis Bacon) Isn’t that the case with emotions too? Those who take joy in the golden rays of the sun are much wealthier spiritually and much happier than those who only feel joyous about the glow of the gold. Why? Because the most valuable things in life are for free. You can’t buy praised, pure and noble love with no amount of money, but you can have it if you haven’t lost your emotions.

Walter William Safar

Online Mafia Games – Mafia MoFo and Bulletproof

Playing online Mafia games can be a good way to past time. There are many different Mafia games available on the Internet. They can either be standalone games, or hosted on a social community platform such as MySpace or Facebook. Two very popular Mafia games in MySpace are Bulletproof and Mafia Wars.

The general concept of all Mafia games are similar. You start out by choosing a character, and you start building up the character. The more powerful your character, the easier it is to win fights or wars and become even more powerful. Of course, the ultimate goal is to become the Mafia boss.

Different Mafia games offer different challenges. The games mostly differ on the challenges presented to the player while strengthening the character. For example, if you are playing Mafia Wars, you will find yourself spending lots of time requesting approvals from other members to become part of your family. That is because your character’s strength is dependent on the number of members you have in your family.

In the game Bulletproof, this is not necessary. So players can spend more time enjoying the game, and building up their own character instead of focusing on so many other family members. Community members actually prefer this type of game play. Perhaps the constant requesting is wearing them out.

Mafia games require lots of content so that players will have lots of things to do and will find the game enjoyable. Bulletproof has a comprehensive list of of content – jobs, investments, inventory, etc. Such games are constantly evolving, and more content is added on a regular basis to keep the games fresh and exciting. There is always something to look forward to.

If you do not like the idea of playing a Mafia game on a social community network, perhaps you may wish to consider playing Mafia MoFo. The main difference between Mafia Mofo and many of the online games is that it is not hosted on any social community platform. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about performance issues on the social community websites.

When it comes to content, Mafia MoFo is way ahead compared to all the other Mafia games. In other words, you will be able to find entertaining activities that you can join in Mafia MoFo that you won’t be able to find in any other Mafia game. You can buy drugs at a pharmacy, buy real estate for investment purposes, hire a private investigator, and you can even buy the lottery or invest in the stock market. The character becomes stronger by going to the gym. Resources are earned by working on crime jobs, gambling, and making investments.

Mafia MoFo has all the features that an avid Mafia gamer would look for. For sure, Mafia MoFo looks set to be a winner among gamers.

Gambling Addiction Basics

The coming age has brought with it numerous new pathological addictions, one of them being addiction to gambling. Pathological gambling was conferred with the status of a disease by the American Psychiatric Association back in 1980s. Robert L. Custer, M.D., is a pioneer in this field of problem gambling.

People who fall prey to this addiction are usually those who secure an income by means of blackjack, poker or other gambling activities. They are professional players who visit casinos not for fun sake, but to employ their skills and earn.

Based on their way of playing and the driving force behind it, gamblers can be categorized. For example, while professional gamblers are skillful and good in their game a casual gamblers plays merely for recreation.

The symptoms of gambling addiction are usually hard to identify. Since this disease is different from other substance related addictions like drug or alcohol abuse, the indications of this sickness are subtle. The nearest possible way in which the symptoms of this addiction can be stated is through the “Custer three Phase Model”. According tot his model, the gambling addiction can be characterized by three phases: the wining phase, the losing phase and the desperation phase.

In the wining stage, the compulsive gambler is ecstatic and overexcited with this earnings and is unwilling to quit gambling. Therefore, the addict usually increases his intensity of gambling . However, losing being the other half of gambling, his wining streak is short-lived. Nonetheless, recurrent losses do not deter him as he wants to win again and get his money back. Addicted gamblers suffer from financial stress, loss of sleep, and mental fatigue in this phase. They face problems at the family front. The patient also tends to borrow huge amounts or avail some money making schemes. As the gambler continues to face loss on every alternate day, he finds it difficult to stay away from gambling. Compulsive gamblers may resort to any means to raise funds for their obsession. They become desperate, with their debts becoming unmanageable. Loss of jobs, fight with friends and family, committing crimes or suicidal tendencies define this phase.

The question as to why does one gamble, can not be answered in definitive terms. One of the dominant reasons is the mental health of the gambler. For some people gambling serves as a n escape route from their lives. A compulsive gambler plays for kicks. He is just unable to stay away from it. Many researchers also blame the easy accessibility to casinos. The government and its lottery fund is also widely condemned.

Treatment programs and centers exist to treat this disease. Regular therapy and counseling is an effective and a widely used technique to cure this disease. Various support groups have also cropped up, where the addicts share their experiences and strengthen each others desire to quit gambling. Some groups that fund such programs include casinos and state lotteries. Some casinos lay stress on responsible gambling and have taken steps to make the people aware about his addiction.

However the first step, before undertaking nay treatment would be to acknowledge this disease. With very slight symptoms and effects this addiction is difficult to catch and acknowledge. Hence it helps to be aware to act wisely.

The Big 3 Factors in Choosing a Sports Handicapper

Are you a sports fan who likes to bet on his favorite team? Are you a casual bettor or do you bet on sports seriously? For casual bettors who enjoy plopping down a few bucks on a game of interest, there is not so much a need to pay for a professional service that provides betting advice. It’s just a little money on an interesting game, and it makes spectating a little more enjoyable. But for those individuals who take their sports betting seriously, they may want to consider hiring a sports handicapping service.

In many cases, it can make sense to hire a handicapping service, but you need to understand exactly what you are paying for. You’re not hiring the handicapper (also known as “capper”), for some additional counsel. They shouldn’t be viewed as just another opinion. If you are going to pay handicappers, then you should take their tips and bet them accordingly. Picking and choosing which bets to play may not be the best strategy.

So let us assume you have made the decision to hire a capper because you are serious about making money in the world of sports betting. What should you look for in your search? Although there are many similarities in the various cappers, there are also some differences as well. In this article we will review three of the most important considerations.

Look for an Experienced Handicapper

There is an old saying that there is no substitute for experience and that is very true in the world of sports handicapping. Make no mistake that capping sports games successfully takes a lot of hard work. There are many variables to consider and these guys need time in the business to really figure out how to do their jobs effectively. That usually involves many years in the business. Thus, look for a handicapper with at least ten years of solid experience handicapping sports.

Find a Handicapper Who Posts Results Publicly

In the business of sports betting, there are many handicappers who prefer to keep their identities and results private. That may serve their own needs well, but for me, I want to know who I am hiring and what their track record for successful capping has been. Look for someone who isn’t afraid of being transparent, if not with their identity, at least with their results. It is common knowledge that even the top handicappers are only successful 55-60% of the time. Make sure the handicapper has a success rate of a minimum of 55%, so that you can bet profitably over the long run. After all, you are paying him for his expertise and he should therefore be willing to own up to all of his picks.

Ensure the Pricing Structure Fits into Your Budget

The bottom line in professional sports betting is making money. The bookmaker must get paid. The handicapper must get paid, and you, the bettor, wants to get paid too. Before you hire a handicapper, make sure you have a complete understanding of his prices. Are you paying for a subscription? If so, how long does it last, and is the renewal rate the same? Calculate the handicapper’s fees into your formula to determine how successful you need to be to profitable. Higher priced handicappers are more suited for the bigger bettors.


Who is the best sports handicapper? The answer may surprise you. There are quite a few good ones out there. If you choose one that has been capping for at least ten years, posts their results publicly, and has a fair pricing structure, then you have done your homework and are ready to dive into sports betting with a good partner.